• Hot-Dip Galvanizing is a Process of Completely Immersing Fabricated Steel in Molten Zinc
  • The Process is Simple and Superior to Any Other Corrosion Protection Strategy
  • Heat and Chemistry of the Process Fuses Zinc Galvanizing Into an Integral Bond with Steel
  • The Surface of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel is Actually Harder than the Underlying Steel
  • Hot-Dip Galvanizing is Up To 15 Times Thicker and Denser Any Galvanizing Alternative
  • Because the Steel is Immersed in Molten Zinc, All Surfaces are Treated, Inside and Outside
  • If the Surface is Damaged, Surrounding Hot-Dipped Zinc 'Sacrifices' and Protects that Area
  • The Zinc Patina on the Surface Continues to Enhance while it Protects, Indoors or Outdoors