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It's wide, straight blade makes the Long Square Blade Shovel ideal for moving mulch, soil, sand... almost any material in the garden. Like the Short Square Spade, it's great for turning over soil in raised beds.  

The blade is hand-forged in Argentina and fitted to a matched hardwood handle, for a remarkably balanced tool. The Long Square Blade Shovel is hand-finished in the USA. 

Shipped in single carton via USPS or parcel delivery carrier.

Clean spade after use. Store away from weather and off the ground. Wipe cleaned blade occasionally with lubricating oil.

The tools from Lynhaven Forge have been hand-forged and proven in use for more than a century. We guarantee each of our shovels and spades for the life of the original owner... even if you just wear it out.  No hassle, no forms. Just send us the worn out or broken tool, and we will send you a new one.





 • (a)  11 3/4 inches

 • (b)  8 1/2 inches

 • (c)  9 1/2 inches

 • overall length:  61 1/2 inches

 • weight:  6 pounds





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Shipping Cost: Free Shipping
Weight: 6.00 LBS
Width: 11.00
Height: 66.00
Depth: 5.00
MPN: HT-006
SKU: HT-006

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